Travel as a Digital Nomad Couple

Travel as a Digital Nomad Couple

Do you get bored of your daily day job, and are increasingly looking for excuses to skip work? Does the thought of going to the office fill you with stress? Do you long for vacations more these days? Do you stay irritable for the most part of the day? If the answer to all of these is yes, you are most probably going to benefit working as a digital nomad. Life can be prettier if your spouse supports your decision and would love to have a similar location-independent work-life existence as you.

What are the Important Qualities to Have?

What are the Important Qualities to Have?

If both of you have always wanted to travel the world while earning an income on the side, and have lately been feeling that a conventional life is not what suits you, you can get more out of life by being on the road and carrying your job with you, albeit a digital job. But life as a digital nomad is not all hunky-dory, and you need to have a specific type of personality to work as one. Know about some of the important qualities that you need to have, in order to be successful in your new lifestyle.


Working as a digital nomad couple means that you have to change your lifestyle completely, and begin working and traveling across the globe. Not everybody is up for all the challenges that come with that kind of living.
You need to have plenty of courage to give up the security of your day job, sell your home and car and buy a flight ticket to a place that you hardly know about. You must have that fire in your belly to begin looking for a remote job that can help you to sustain in your new lifestyle. Think it over for many days, and try to make proper plans. Do not leave your secure 9-5 job all of a sudden, and at a moment’s decision. It is okay if you feel you cannot take on such challenges and find it better to stay at home. Not everybody is cut out for a nomadic life.


There is no need to be actually an artist to begin traveling across the globe. However, you need to have a different thought process and approach. Think about your strength areas. Are you creatively inclined and have a creative skill that can be sold online. For instance, if you have always been good at writing – right from your school days – you can probably actually begin a content writing business. If you know how to write well, take on a few projects and see whether you can finish them within a deadline. Once you manage to satisfy your clients, you can have them send you more work or refer you to higher paying clients. This can sustain your travel and nomadic lifestyle. If you know some creative ways of earning, such as blogging, freelance writing, web development etc, you can monetize the same now.

Sense of Responsibility

Do you consider yourself to be a responsible person, and do others around you feel the same about you? In case you are going to have a digital way of income generation, and would work full-time from your PC, you need to know how you can balance your life and time productively and in a balanced fashion.
Keep in mind that you will not be able to travel or party all the time. You have to be capable of shutting out everything else when the time demands, and focus only on work when required. At times, the projects might not be the best in the world. But you have to do them, and do you must. Unless you have an innate sense of responsibility, that is not going to happen.


Once you start a new lifestyle, it won’t be easy. And you are not going to make $10,000 overnight. Do not be under the mistaken assumption that you can make enough to travel around the globe by working for only 4 hours per week. You will need to work for many months and even years to accumulate as much money as to be a full-time traveler. Unless you are getting involved in some scam of getting rich quickly, you will soon be compelled to come back to your home country. However, if you are serious about traveling for the next few years that come, it is important to make work your first priority to be able to earn your financial freedom.

Organizing power

Unless you are an organized person, you will be unable to become your own boss. While you might not be a sort of person who tracks each and every aspect of life, you have to at least be mindful of where you spend your money, the amount that you can expect to raise in the following months and the way you will spend that amount. While you travel for the next few days, you have to be assured no client calls you. You have to arrange work and travel as meticulously as possible, so that when you are traveling your work does not take a hit.

Independent working

Unless both of you are able to plan and stick to your own schedule, you are going to face a tough time while on the road. You have to act independently, set deadlines of your own, inspire yourself to sit down to work and take proper decisions that can make life easier for you as well as that of your spouse. You cannot be a successful digital nomad if you expect somebody else to help you with managing all these work.


Both of you need to be open-minded. While traveling in foreign nations, the two of you are going to be exposed to varied culture and people. Unless you have an open mind, you are not going to respect the people and traditions that you would be experiencing. If you feel either of you cannot do that, it is probably better that you stay back at home. Being open-minded does not necessarily mean that you need to appreciate whatever you see. You have to simply tolerate the things for the entire time that you are there. If you cannot accept them, ignore them and mind your own business. For example, if you visit Athens or any other place in Europe and hate the fact that most of the stores remain closed on every Sunday, it is probably better for you to go to some other place.


While on the road, you are likely to meet all sorts of people. Some of them could change you and your life in the short or long term if you allow them. Although you might not like everyone that you come across, it is better to behave politely for as long as possible. You can always get richer in experience if you are ready to meet new situations and people. Always try to be your friendly self as you travel, but be on your guard. In case your gut tells you something bad about one or more people, avoid them and leave the place as early as you can.


It is not that you have to be open to bungee jumping once in every 10 days. But you have to be adventurous enough to make your routine change every now and then. When you are visiting new countries and places for new experiences, from time to time you have to take yourself out of comfort zone.
From trying out new foods to taking a hike, interviewing new people you meet on your trips to finding out new destinations or staying in new accommodations that have not been covered by the global digital nomad community, you have to be open to different types of adventures that you feel comfortable about.

Strong will

Remember that the digital nomad lifestyle is not for everybody, and those who prefer the warmth, familiarity and security of home and hearth will find you crazy. More often than not, they might also tell you this right before you. You have to remain strong-minded about your decision, and keep it in mind that not everyone is going to understand why the two of you chose such a life.

Many people you meet in other countries and even back home are probably going to judge you and have wild discussions about you as soon as your back is turned to them. Some might also feel envious at your liberated lifestyle. Unless you have a strong enough will, all that can upset your mind and you can end up arguing with them, or quarreling with your partner / spouse, or get stressed or even contemplate going back to your home country. But you have to realize that you are going to follow your dream and if that does not please some people, it is their problem and not yours. After all, it is the life and decision of the two of you, and you will not like to have someone else decide your life for you.